Sarah’s printmaking involves as much enquiry into processes and materials as it does with decorative aspects, and over the last few months Sarah has been stimulated by learning a new method of printmaking. Screenprinting enables prints to be made on a broad range of materials, which allows Sarah new ways to present her ideas as 3D wall-piece constructions.

Following on from focusing on the strength of materials as seen in the pieces made for the Printfest7 exhibition, Sarah is now contrasting traditional and modern materials. The beautiful hardwood pillars of her wall pieces are no longer completely hidden, but present an arresting contrast between the natural wood and the manmade coloured plastic which has been used as a base for the print.

Sarah finds the many permutations possible by multi-layering screen prints addictive, so she’s designed the discs she is currently working on to be easily interchangeable on their supports, and planning a variety of ways to present them. Watch this space – lots more to come!