My recent artwork has taken a change in direction, moving from original printmaking, which was so Studio dependent, to digital, which can be achieved on demand and at home or outsourced.

Seeing images in lots of different combinations is why I am a printmaker, so I am finding it very absorbing to evolve work digitally. Experimental artwork made in oil pastel, acrylic inks, or Monoprints can be the starting point, but often the inspiration for an image is discovered on walks or days out. This Autumn has proved particularly inspiring and Henry Moore’s largescale sculptures are influencing the current series Taking Shape.

I do love watching the prints emerge from the printer after many hours of deliberation and decisions on and off screen, it's particularly rewarding to work on larger scale pieces. Work produced on demand allows greater flexibility and an added bonus that there's no waste of beautiful colour. I always aim for an archival result.

Contact Sarah for information on new work, artwork availability, dimensions, or with any other enquiries.